TERA Reveals Glyph System, New Customizations and More

Female Aman character creation, TERA

En Masse Entertainment appeared at the San Diego Comic Con, where they showed TERA off to passers-by with a playable demo, and answered any question curious gamers had about the upcoming action MMORPG. Ten Ton Hammer, a MMO-oriented news site, sat down with En Masse at TERA‘s community event at Comic Con, and learned a thing or two about the game and some of the newest features being implemented into the game.

Ten Ton Hammer interviewed TERA‘s associate producer Stephen Ramirez and discussed the new features being added to the game, such as achievements, (self-contained goals that every game features nowadays), the new user interface, and the expanded customization options, as seen in the character creation video.

They also learned of the newly revealed “glyphs,” which are enhancements players can attach to their skills and abilities. These glyphs allow players to customize and modify their abilities in a variety of ways, be it by increasing damage, decreasing recovery/cooldown, boosting critical hit-rate, decreasing mana cost and more. There are an estimated 20 glyphs available per class, and players will be limited to how many glyphs can be active at any given time. Players are free to re-set and reassign glyphs to suit their play-style, granting some much-desired variety between characters of the same class.

Watch the interview video at Ten Ton Hammer to learn more about TERA.

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