TERA Introduces New Class Skills & Screenshots of the Week

Charging Lancer, TERA

TERA‘s official website updated late last week with two new bits of info. Firstly, the latest in-game images of the Valley of Nihil, a desert region within the game world, have been uploaded to the website. The second – and perhaps more exciting – bit of info are the examples of newly developed skills being introduced in the already action-packed MMORPG.

The eleventh set of screens from TERA‘s “screenshot of the week” compilations takes it’s viewers to the western continent of TERA, southern Shara. A vast desert region composed of sand, cracked earth, deep valleys, massive plateaus and curious rock structures, the denizens of the region are just as cruel and peculiar as the region itself. Check out the gallery below and see the region and it’s odd inhabitants for yourself.

The new skills in development are perhaps the real gem of the recent update: with all the feedback given from the last focus group test during spring of this year, developer Blue Hole Studios has apparently been hard at work designing new skills and abilities to make classes more unique and varied. Last week‘s Comic Con in San Diego revealed the updated user interface, achievements, and the glyph system for TERA. This week reveals all-new skills for four of the eight playable classes of the game.

Warriors, the lithe dual-sword wielding fighters, have gained the “Tornado” skill, an attack that can be chained to their evasive skill. It deals damage to enemies in a 360 degree area around the warrior.

Slayers, the Berserk-styled heavy warriors with massive greatswords, have gained the “Power Arc,” an energy projectile that can be fired at enemies. The skill can be chained with itself up to three times, creating a combo that increases in damage with every link.

Archers, the long-ranged tricksters, have earned the “Rain of Arrows” skill, which speaks for itself. The attack requires a notable charge-time, but the on the flip-side, deals damage multiple times, to multiple enemies in the damage area.

Mystics, the curious damage-dealing and party-healing class of TERA, have gained the ability to summon. There are three summoned spirits, each of which has a different ability. One attacks, the second supports, and a third lures enemies. These spirits aid and assist during combat, but exactly how one controls them is unclear.

New skills for other classes (Sorcerer, Priest, Lancer and Berserker) will be revealed soon, so check back with Multiplayer Games to learn more.

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