Halo 2600 Playable Online

This years Classic Gaming Expo brought with it a new Atari 2600 game, that in and of itself nothing very special. The show generally reveals new games for classic game consoles, all created by dedicated followers of the hardware. This year, things were a little different… one of those games was Halo-related.

Halo on the 2600 did get a cartridge release, a limited edition of 500 units. For those who missed it (the majority of the gaming population), the game is now playable online, a fun little diversion and “what if.” Players control Master Chief, dodging fire until he can find a weapon (Pro tip: go up) and then blasting away in the simplistic, gloriously pixelated environments. The best part? The fantastic rendition of the Halo theme produced by the digital aura only the 2600 could during the title screen.