Week in Arcade: Castlevania – Harmony of Despair

The Summer of Arcade continues with another $15 title.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

The second Castlevania on the Live Arcade, HoD is a unique blend of old-school and new-school Castlevania, although having it both ways leads to issues. Each level is a miniature castle filled with treasures chests, non-respawning enemies, and a boss. Up to six players can traverse this individualized level, but within the constraints of a timer, the game’s biggest downfall. It’s not about exploration; it’s about moving to a goal as quickly as possible. It takes a lot of out the game, although not from the great sprite work (recycled unfortunately) at multiple levels of zoom. It’s only a full experience in multi-player, since playing solo makes it nearly impossible to succeed, and all you’ll do is restart.