Blizzard to Stamp-out “Erotic Role Playing” in World of Warcraft

Sweet, sexy party in the Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire! Clearly, the place to be.

Ahem. What began as a complaint topic on World of Warcraft‘s customer service forum has resulted in a serious crack-down from Blizzard, which would be admirable if the situation wasn’t so… awkward. Apparently, a town in the role-playing server Moon Guard (Goldshire) is renowned as a hotspot for lewd sexuality and zaniness. Clearly not a place one would want the kiddies to stumble across, which is exactly what sparked the topic to begin with. A concerned father found his son and friends having a good laugh, only to discover the untold horrors of Goldshire displayed on his PC. He canceled his son’s account and took the issue straight to customer service.

Blizzard has responded to said topic by announcing that they will now be policing the Pornshire – er, the Goldshire for harassment and erotic role-playing. According to the Blizzard representative, this isn’t the first time someone has complained about Goldshire on the Moon Guard server, and while it will be impossible to keep vigil all the time, they will do their best to keep things rated T. Blizzard certainly takes harassment seriously, and wants to keep the game world as enjoyable and virginal as possible. Violators will be punished (privately of course, to avoid any uncomfortable confrontations) for violating the harassment policy through public/general chat channels and unsolicited whispers. But don’t fret: you can still continue your wild Warcraft sexcapades in the comfort of party and guild conversation.

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