UFC Undisputed 2010 Coming to PSP

Apparently, slow sales of the follow-up to the first THQ-published UFC title have prompted a port… to the PSP. This edition will feature a roster of 100 fighters, plus create your own, the standard these days. Multiplayer will be Ad Hoc only unfortunately, but at least it won’t cost $5 if you buy used or rent and slow down menu access.

That said, translating the title is not simple. Three key components are missing on the PSP: A second analog stick and two additional shoulder buttons. The analog stick especially is a key loss, utilized for defense when on the ground, and offensively to gain better position. It’s feasible to see the shoulder buttons combined as simple modifiers for punches, but that analog stick is a crucial loss.

Still, the release reeks of a cash grab, rushed out the door when sales plummeted, the announcement itself coming out of nowhere since the title was never publicized or promoted during the general development of the other editions. Hopefully it works out, although you have to skeptical. Release is scheduled for September 7th.