Monday Night Combat Adds On the Fly Updates

At the very least, Xbox Live game updates don’t need to be downloaded and then installed. It is a pain that it must sign you out of Live entirely, regardless of whether or not you’re in a party, just for a quick balancing change.

Not the case for Monday Night Combat.

Developer Uber Entertainment found a work around for any balancing issues that might creep up during regular play. Developers have a file called Title Managed Storage on Xbox Live servers for their games. For Monday Night Combat, they put up a text file on that server that lets them tweak the game as needed on the fly. That text file contains all of the data, from how much damageĀ  a sniper bullet does to how much a medic can heal. Once those numbers change, so does the game, and no need to sign out for that to happen.

It could cause some perceived issues, jumping from one match to another could lead to some dramatic changes, but it’s nice to know there is a quick solution to fix any small problems as they are discovered.