TERA Reveals New Screenshots of the Week and Class Skills

Resilient Warrior, TERA

The official TERA website has recently updated it’s content to include some new screenshots of the Castanic race’s capital city, Castanica, as well as the human capital city Velika. The website has also included two newly included skills for the Sorcerer class and the Priest class.

As you can see by looking at the gallery below, both city locales ooze detail and brilliant color, despite being almost polar opposites of one another. Velika, the city to the southwest of the Southern Arun continent is a bustling city, radiating with brilliant blues, cold grays and warm reds. The massive monument, the Wheel of Velik, can be seen from any perspective, jutting toward the sky at the center of the citadel city. Castanica on the other hand, is dark and diffuse, nestled under the shadow of sheer mountains and glowing with dull violets and reds. The area is perpetually grayed and overcast, and the architecture mimics the jagged features of the rocks cradling the city.

The two new skill reveals give us a bit of variation between the spellcaster characters. Last week gave us a new skill for the Warrior, Archer, Slayer, and Mystic classes. This week gives us two more class skills, one for the Sorcerer, and one for the Priest. Sorcerers have been given the “Sleeping Wind” ability, which is an area-of effect spell that lulls enemies to sleep. The charge time seems long, but the advantages seem well worth the risk.

Priests, the healing-centered class, has been given the “Divine Bolt” ability. This spell fires off a magical bolt that deal critical damage. It can also be linked with itself, forming a three-chain combo that ends with a powerful finishing blow. Add that to the stylish evasive move the priest uses at the end of his clip, and you have a healing class that can hold it’s own in battle.

Be sure to check back with us for the last two class skills – one for the Lancer class and one for the Berserker class.

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