Possible Blade & Soul Demo at G-Star 2010

Blade & Soul race collage

South Korean gaming website This is Game reports that NCSoft will have a playable demo of Guild Wars 2 at the upcoming GamesCom event in Germany next week (August 18-22). In addition, NCsoft suggests that it will try to prepare something other that a mere trailer for the G-Star event later in 2010. This information was revealed alongside the release of NCSoft’s second quarter earnings report. Though this is not conclusive evidence that Blade & Soul will be playable at G-Star, This is Game argues that it is very likely. A clearer translation of the article was posted on the Blade & Soul fansite Blade & Soul Dojo.

“Both games are being developed very well. We have satisfied our fans by releasing trailers so far, and as a next step we are going to release playable demos,” said JaeHo Lee, a vice president of NCsoft. “We are willing to take a chance this year and let the fans play the playable demo of Blade & Soul.”

Both upcoming NCSoft titles are being unveiled in a set order: first a playable demo, followed by closed beta, open beta, and commercial release. Since Guild Wars 2 is seeing it’s commercial release in Europe and North America before Asia, it makes sense for a playable demo to be unveiled at GamesCom. This is Game argues that, since NCSoft intends to present a playable demo of Blade & Soul before the end of the year and since Korean developers do not participate in the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, G-Star is the only game show left within 2010 for it (November 18-21).

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