GamesCom 2010: TERA Unveils Demo Dungeon & Class Skills

Defending Berserker, TERA

TERA is at GamesCom 2010 in Cologne, Germany, and En Masse Entertainment has published a press release detailing what they will be presenting. Of particular interest is the new demo, which showcases TERA‘s first ever dungeon-crawl. In addition, TERA‘s official website has updated with the last of the new skills for it’s remaining classes: the Lancer and the Berserker.

TERA has made quite a splash since it’s first public showing at the Game Developers Conference several months back. It’s action-based gameplay, manual targeting system, excellent graphics and great art style turned heads then, and even more so during E3 2010. E3 saw an impressive press demo of the game, and GamesCom will top that now with a full-blown dungeon-crawl. En Masse will demo TERA for the duration of GamesCom, from August 18-22. They also promise a new trailer centering on the new details revealed during GamesCom, in case you missed the event.

Coinciding with the press release, the official TERA website has also revealed the last of it’s newly developed class skills: these skills belong to the heavy-armored Lancer and the axe-wielding Berserker.

The Lancer gets two skills: the Armor crush, a powerful bash that decreases an opponent’s defense, and the Decisive Blow, a damaging attack that propels the Lancer forward, lance-first.

The Berserker gets an interesting skill: the Sacrificial Strike. Instead of using mana to fuel the attack, the Berserker taps into their health, using their own life energy to power the huge arcing swings. The attack gets stronger with charging, but it also eats more HP.

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