Red Dead Redemption Cheaters Banned Tuesday

Rockstar seems to be doing the right thing. The company has tracked down people using hacked game saves, and is letting them know in advance that they’ll be banned on August 24th. By giving out warning, Rockstar is giving people a chance, allowing them to remove their hacked data to save their achievements/trophies, pre-order goodies, and Social Club status. Regardless, anyone using a hacked save file will be booted from the leaderboards, even if they fess up in time.

Part of this is sort of living up the namesake of the game, letting player get redemption if they fix their mistakes. The other part makes this decision seem more financial in nature, ensuring people keep playing and buying DLC despite the strong possibility they’ll do this again and impede on other legit players experience. Let’s face it: if they’re cheating in RDR, they’re likely cheating elsewhere. Who cares if they’re removed from the leaderboards? They’ll just cheat again while ranking back up.

They should be booted from Xbox Live/PSN all together, ensuring not only future Rockstar titles are free from the plague of cheaters, but other games do not suffer their wrath either.