TERA updates: GamesCom 2010 Trailer & New Screens

Entering Azarel's Labyrinth

With GamesCom 2010 in full swing, TERA has unveiled it’s newest trailer, a cinematic and exciting narrative video showcasing plenty of action, giving the playable characters ample opportunity to show off their newly introduced class skills. In addition, TERA’s website has updated with new images of “Ascension Valley.”

The cinematic trailer, seen below, details the central plot thread of TERA: several races at odds with one another who unite as one to vanquish a growing threat. As you can very clearly see from watching the trailer, the game is visually stunning. The textures, models and animations are all fantastic, made even more impressive by the fact that the game centers on action-heavy combat and player controlled attacking and defense. The trailer even presents some previously unrevealed attacks, like the Warrior class’ piercing downward thrust. While the narrator could use a bit of work (her voice sounds better suited for a nature documentary), all in all, it’s a great presentation.

“Ascension Valley” is the subject of the TERA’s fourteenth screenshot of the week. We get two pictures this time – as opposed to the usual three – but as always, the character models and environments ooze detail. An Amani warrior stands before the mouth Azarel’s Labyrinth (previously called Azarel’s Temple) and a man-bear-pig – called a horklaton – snarls for the camera near a beautiful ruined monument within the lush, green scenery.

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