GamesCom 2010: Necromancer Profession Revealed in Guild Wars 2

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As you may already know, NCSoft and ArenaNet are at GamesCom, showing off Guild Wars 2 in playable from. A storm of recorded videos have been uploaded to Youtube since the event has opened, and the biggest surprise of the event is the fourth, previously unannounced playable profession: the Necromancer.

The previously announced professions of Guild Wars 2 are the Warrior, the Elementalist, and the Ranger. Necromancers have not only been confirmed as a playable playable profession at GamesCom, but the demo lets you play as one. According to Ten Ton Hammer‘s own hands-on with the demo, Necromancers have similar mechanics compared to their incarnation in the first Guild Wars, but the gameplay has a drastically different feel. While players can fight using the skills they’ve allotted, they also build up a secondary gauge, which allows them to exit their body and enter a shadow form when full. This form then grants players unique and powerful skills for as long as the gauge lasts, which depletes when damage is taken. Players are instantly transported to their original position when reverting.

As you can see from the off-screen gameplay footage below, the pets are used to great effect during gameplay too. Necromancers look like a fantastic addition to the Guild Wars 2 world. Let’s hope ArenaNet updates the official website with more info on the Necromancer profession soon.

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Body fat percentage can best measure your health risks

Hindustan Times (New Delhi, India) May 11, 2011 Washington, May 10 — A new study has warned that people with coronary artery disease and expanded waistlines are at more than twice the risk of dying, including those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) in the normal range. body fat percentage calculator

These conclusions result from a large study by the Mayo Clinic, involving almost 16,000 people from five countries around the world.

Authors Dian Griesel, and Tom Griesel claim the problem is deeper. It is not just the fat you see. ‘Even more dangerous is the visceral belly fat that resides in the abdominal cavity and surrounds the internal organs. This internal fat actually makes up a large proportion of the waist measurement,’ said the Griesels.

Visceral fat is more metabolically active and can produce hormones and other substances that have a negative impact on your health including increasing the risk of serious health problems like heart disease; high blood pressure; stroke; type 2 diabetes; metabolic syndrome; some types of cancer; and sleep apnea. go to website body fat percentage calculator

Contrary to common thinking, BMI is not the best measurement for overall risk because many people with readings in the normal range still have dangerous levels of (hidden) visceral fat. BMI is just a measure of weight in proportion to height.

‘Throw away your traditional scale,’ say the Griesels. ‘The only relevant measurement is your Body Fat Percentage. This can be easily calculated with a neck and waist measurement for men, and neck, waist and hip measurements for women.’ Interestingly, even if you are not overweight, a waist measurement of over 33 inches, regardless of your weight, increases health risks.

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