Week in Arcade: Shank, Scott Pilgrim

A dual week of releases post-Summer of Arcade that will run you $25 together.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Out on PSN a few weeks back, anyone who knows their gaming should appreciate the lengths gone through here to create such a loving homage to the beat-em-ups of old. From the absolutely stunning pixel art to the unbelievable chip tunes, Scott isn’t looking to make fun of the classics, but appreciate them. Collision is superb in this pseudo-update to River City Ransom. The only thing missing is online co-op, but local play is an option.


More awesome sprite work here too, as the vicious Shank also looks to recreate the beat-em-up, but with far less cute and way more blood. It’s intense and paced well, the wonderful style oozing out of every frame. Two campaigns are included, one for solo play and one for co-op. The weapons are awesome, and the music flawless. It’s length is made up for with plenty of replay value, purely based on its quality.