Xbox Live Chat Quality Boosted in Fall

From the “It’s about time” department comes this note that in the fall, an update to the Xbox 360 will boost the voice quality of live chats. As it stands today, the codec is a whopping 64k, or in other words, pathetic. Is this one of those changes we get because the XBox 1 was taken offline?

It’s a pleasant surprise too, as its not like this is something people tend to complain about regularly. That said, the different between using a wired headset and a wireless one will likely remain. The difference in tech simply creates a gap. Plus, you’re still dealing with tinny, tiny speakers, so this is not going to reach some new level of staggering uncompressed glory like you’re in the same room.

Still, if you’re going to be called names, racist terms, and slander from homophobic types, it might as well come through clearly.