TERA Reveals New Screenshots and Lore of Allemantheia

Human archer enters Allemantheia

The official TERA website has released two screenshots for the newly revealed city of Allemantheia, the elven capital in the heart of the Southern Shara continent. It has also updated with a rich history of the city and it’s people.

The lore section on the official website devoted to Allemantheia reveals a rich history: the elves were torn when battling gods ruined their precious and sacred artifact.

When the god Sikander pursued his nephew Nerezza across their lands, the tremendous energies used in their fight killed thousands of elves. Even this was survivable, but the battle also damaged the elves’ greatest treasure, the Flower of Life. This ultimate expression of elven magic and the symbol of their devotion to the god Karas began leeching the land around their home, turning the Elven Forest into a lifeless waste.

Conflicts arose between the elves over the state of the artifact, which led to an exodus to Southern Shara, where the elves built a new city, Allemantheia. They adopted a new name for themselves and renounced the gods that caused their troubles to begin with, and thus the “High Elves” came to be.

Thus were the High Elves born, and when the armed conflicts surrounding the disposition of the Core grew too dangerous to bear, they moved the seat of their culture from Arun to Shara, founding their great city of Allemantheia in a region full of the resources necessary to rebuild what they had lost.

It’s always fun to read up on the backstory to a game, and TERA is providing quite a bit of backstory. As well as an interesting story, the city itself is beautiful to look at. The Allemantheian waterway screenshot is stunning, as is the image of the lone human archer standing at the threshold of the city, with the lofty, intricately detailed archway marking the entrance of the city in the background.

Check out the screenshots below, and be sure to visit the TERA website for more on the newly revealed city of Allemantheia.

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