Final Fantasy XIV: Character Growth & Fatigue System Explained

Final Fantasy XIV screenshot

News of a fatigue system in Final Fantasy XIV hit the internet recently, and the response was not pretty. To say players were upset over the idea of having the experience they gain decrease and even stop depending on how long they played is an understatement: forums boiled with hate-threads and pre-order cancels. Fortunately, an official translation explains in detail just how the fatigue system will work in the game. The good news? It doesn’t work around eight hour time limits, as originally thought. The bad? ¬†Well, the fact that there’s an experience-limiting system¬†at all is sure to grind some gears.

Character growth in Final Fantasy XIV is being designed around a “threshold” concept, in which players earn experience normally so long as it doesn’t exceed certain limits. Once a threshold has been exceeded, skill points and experience earned are decreased, and they continue to decrease with every threshold exceeded. Ultimately, you earn no experience and skill points at all. The system resets itself every week: it begins counting the moment you earn experience, and resets the thresholds in one weeks time.

One should note that this decrease in growth also begins to recover when players take part in activities that don’t earn them experience. According to the translation:

In this manner, it is possible for the threshold value to reset completely, even before the completion of the one-week timer.

Be sure to check out the full translation of the growth system and read up on all the details before you decide whether or not you want to bombard Square-Enix with hate-mail.

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