EA Kills Scandinavian MMA Release Over Ads

If anything proves how committed EA is to their advertisers over their customers, this is it. The company has chosen to stop the release of their upcoming MMA game, appropriately titled EA Sports MMA, in Scandinavia. Why? Advertising for any form of energy drink is banned within the country, and the game is loaded with them.

The official statement from EA states they want to produce an authentic experience, and removing those ads prevents them doing so. Really? Would it pull you out of the middle of a match where two men are literally pummeling each other to see an ad for something other than an energy drink? Could they not line up any other sponsors, especially considering how many ads Madden 11 contained? There’s no one else?

Something about these reeks of financial benefit, from the point of having to go in and re-code the game to accept to new ads, and possibly losing the energy drink sponsors in the future. Cheating an entire country out of a game purely based on advertising politics is as ridiculous as having such laws in the first place.