Starcraft 2 Patch Looks to Nerf Early Game Rushes

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has been out for about a month now and Blizzard’s decided that some tinkering is in order. In an outline for their 1.1 patch, the storied developers are aiming to balance the early game rushes of the Terran and Protoss race.

Both the reaper and zealot will see five seconds of extended build time while bunkers will also take longer to construct. The Terran siege tank and battlecruisers, along with the Zerg ultralisk, will also deliver less damage.

As an avid SC2 player, I’m really digging these changes. Though most skilled players can stop a Protoss proxy or early reaper harass, this should ease a lot of frustration for a number of lower leagues. I’ve personally felt that Zealot early pushes are a bit too effective, and this is especially evident of games with more people. Frankly, 3v3 and 4v4 generally dissolve into tier 1 rushes and those can be particularly boring.