TERA Will Not Utilize IP Blocks in North America & Europe

Red Lash Juggernaut, TERA

TERA, the upcoming action MMORPG from South Korean developer Blue Hole Studios, revealed a few weeks back that it would have two different publishing companies working on the game’s localization and release: Frogster would release and maintain TERA in Europe, and En Masse Entertainment would do so for North America. This caused a controversy among European players who had hoped that En Masse would be publishing in both regions. Senior Community Manager “Scapes” recently announced via the official website forums that TERA would not be implementing IP blocking or any other territorial restrictions within the two regions. This means that players can freely choose which territory they play TERA in.

Our goal is to give players the choice as to which server they are going to discover the world of TERA. In a time that players are becoming more connected around the world, we believe that IP blocking has no place in a world class Action MMO. Note that accounts created with one publisher will not be able to access the other publisher’s servers. Additionally, player data such as characters or progression will not be shared or transferable between different publishers’ servers.

This is great news for European players who originally distrusted Frogster’s ability to manage a major pay-to-play MMORPG. This announcement makes no mention of Korean servers, but considering that Korean online games are much more demanding regarding personal information (they require the Korean equivalent of a Social Security Number in order to sign up), the odds are very likely that Korean servers will not be included.

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