A Dozen Possible Call of Duty Black Ops Killstreaks Revealed

Wondering how you’ll be laying waste to your opponents in Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty? Site XG247 has revealed a dozen of the Killstreak rewards, and many of them will seem familiar. A “spy plane” is the UAV, a sentry gun is, well, a sentry gun, the gunship providing aerial cover in place of the AC130, and a chopper gunner also a carry over.

Attack dogs make their return after being included in World at War, although their rank is currently higher than a chopper gunner. Those must be some killer dogs (with bees in their mouths?). Some newcomers include an RC bomb that sounds like quite a bit of fun, along with the rolling thunder, whatever that is.

The familiar items have been shifted, the care package now at five kills as opposed to four, and the sentry moved up to six instead of five. Also note the lack of game-ending perks such as the nuke, which should thankfully cut down on the cheaters who exist solely to gain access to an easy victory. It was a fun idea in concept (and satisfying), but the execution was such that some players went for that alone, leaving teammates out to die.