Crackdown 2 DLC Causing Game Crashes (Update)

Update: The DLC has been re-issued and is apparently problem free.

The paid editions of the Toy Box DLC, the first expansion to Ruffian Games Crackdown 2, are causing players frustration. The game literally stops working when it’s booted with the content installed, and players are reporting that clearing and cache and playing offline will let the game at least load. Some others are stating deleting their profiles only and then recovering in addition to those steps is working, although a voice glitch remains.

At this point, the paid content has been pulled from the Marketplace, and consider yourself lucky if you were one of those who held off. There is no word on the time frame for a potential fix, and Microsoft has not made any response.

Apparently, the dev time for the DLC was rushed too, much like the cramped cycle given to develop the sequel as a whole. It all just screams a rushed product, especially as something this severe must be hard to miss. Start the conspiracy theories now about Microsoft’s certification, DLC profitable timelines, and rushing to get things out the door.