Dead Space 2 Will Have Multiplayer Functionality

Dead Space 2, Visceral Game’s second stab at the space-horror genre, will feature a number of multiplayer modes. One of these iterations will be entitled Soldiers vs Necromorphs, where players will control either faction in deathmatch-style sessions. In a quote to Joystiq, EA stated that “you’ll be able to strategically dismember your friends for the first time.”

The original Dead Space blended a chilling atmosphere of abject terror with terrific dismemberment mechanics. I’m psyched that we’re seeing the next logical step in multiplayer, as zombie necromorph apocalypses seem to bring out our best cooperative elements. My only real concern is that Visceral Games might too strongly follow Valve’s blueprint from Left for Dead. After all, Dead Space’s Brute looks awfully similar to L4D’s Tank. Add in some dramatic entrance music, and that’s nearly copyright infringement.