Guildleves and Models Revealed by Final Fantasy XIV Fansite

Final Fantasy XIV cinematic screenshot

Final Fantasy XIV fansite FFXIVCore has provided a near complete list of the current Guildleve Quests, which has been added on their Final Fantasy XIV wiki page. The fansite has also come across some ship model data in the game, as well as some as-of-yet unused miscellaneous models.

There are literally hundreds of guildleves in FFXIVCore’s compilation, categorized by tutorial, regional battlecraft, regional fieldcraft, local levequests, and faction leves. This new resource also gives plenty of details about the leve, including the region the leve is found in, the classes that can participate in them, the duration of the leve, and more. Be sure to visit the FFXIVCore wiki and take a look at the levequest compilation in detail.

Among the many files uncovered by FFXIVCore, the ship models are among the most interesting, despite their lack of textures. The miscellaneous models include an odd-looking airship/floating platform, an untextured Ifrit model, and an obese monster that looks a bit like the Cuchulainn esper in Final Fantasy XII. Several unique and unused gear icons are also being shown on the fansite.

FFXIVCore has been on the forefront of Final Fantasy XIV news: most recently, they posted a complete translation of the controversial fatigue system that infuriated many a fan of the game. Visit their site to check out the latest in Final Fantasy XIV news.

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