Week in Arcade: Plants, Zombies, and Dancing

A double week, with one expected title and another that came out of nowhere.


Maybe this one didn’t get any hype because no one wanted to cover it. Featuring no licensed music (all of it is made especially for the game) and gameplay as derivative as any other rhythm game on the planet, the simply titled Dance! is a dud. It’s hard to know how its release was justified, the cell shaded graphics and stiff dance moves not much fun and while the career mode is a nice tough, you still have to play it to get through it. If you have a dance pad you’re not using, maybe it’ll give you an excuse to dust if off. Beyond that, there’s nothing to see here. Also, why not wait for Kinect?

Plants vs. Zombies

One of PopCap’s greatest achievements, this kid-friendly, family-friendly, mom-friendly tower defense game is mostly worth it, even if you have it on your PC killing productivity. This $15 Live Arcade port (even PopCap is joining the $15 bandwagon despite a $3 iPhone edition) adds in multiplayer in co-op and versus form, although locally only. The wonderful visual style, colorful sprites, and hectic gameplay translate perfectly, the analog stick and bumpers substituting for a touch screen and/or mouse input.

Shame about the price.