Halo Reach Will Outsell COD: Black Ops, So Says Xbox Boss

Maybe they do or see things differently over in the UK, but UK director of Xbox Stephen McGill has some high hopes for Halo Reach, high enough to be laughable:

“It’s going to be a really good fight and yes I do [believe it]… We have huge expectations.”

He’s referring to the sales battle between Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops, yet doesn’t seem to mention if he means cross-console or just Xbox 360 sales. Either way, with yearly iterations, the current sensibilities for COD are higher, Halo ODST not anything revolutionary or spectacular, just a fun romp.

Halo Reach is hot; ads are all over the dashboard and the ad campaign on TV is obviously expensive. Keep in mind when it launched, Halo 3 didn’t have the same level of competition. It was the thing to play on Xbox Live. Even assuming the reviews are glowing (and likely will be) for Reach, Call of Duty’s player base is larger, routinely reaching the top of the Xbox Live Activity List across multiple titles. Those don’t stay there without a steady fan base. Activision has built a franchise with staying power, and on today’s market, even if you’re discussing just the 360, it’s tough to see Halo standing up tall as the winner.