Akihiko Yoshida Talks Detail in Final Fantasy XIV Video

Screenshot from the Eorzea - Making of a Realm video

The latest Final Fantasy XIV video has art director Akihiko Yoshida discuss the many details that went into the races, world, and artwork of the game. This is the most recent Final Fantasy title he has worked on since Final Fantasy XII, and Yoshida discusses the added challenge of creating so detailed a game world.

Obviously, great visuals make for an appealing game, but Yoshida stresses that the world of Final Fantasy XIV is both beautiful and engaging. Plenty of detail has been poured into the character races in the game, to allow players to customize and immerse themselves at their preference. This includes not only an improved character creator, but an expanded range of equip-able items.

But the details don’t stop their. Areas are vast, monsters have new models, and motions and animations are more realistic. All in all, Final Fantasy XIV is looking to take aesthetics to a new level. Watch the video below.

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