Halo Reach Launch-Eve Event, News

If you’re planning on making a midnight launch for Halo Reach, the Best Buy Theater in New York seems to the destination of choice if possible. It’s the “official” Reach launch event, beginning at 8PM and running until 1AM. Major Nelson will be on hand, along with tournaments and the developers who will be lined up for autographs.

Bungie has confirmed that if you had access to an official copy of the game and played it early, you don’t have to worry about being booted from Xbox Live. Those that pirated a copy on the other hand…

Finally, Sunday marked the end of the review embargo, and as if anyone expected anything different, positive reviews are unanimous. Giant Bomb is the lowest scoring review so far, dinging it for not taking any risks and feeling a little long in the tooth since the original release. Understandable, although it’s doubtful any fans will actually care. The same with new characters, larger scale, and fresh maps are all they want anyway. Agreed?