TERA Reveals More of Castanica with Screenshots and Video

Castanica Architecture. (Tera, En Masse Entertainment)

The official TERA website has released its seventeenth “Screenshots of the Week” collection, giving players another glimpse of the dark city Castanica, home of the Castanic race. Alongside the release of these images, a brief video fly-through of the city was unveiled in the website’s media section, which you can see below.

Castanica, called “The Shrouded Rose,” stands out from the game’s other architectural styles in that the city has a dark, metallic quality to its structures, all of which are designed in an organic, gothic style. Stone and metal are woven together to create the city’s unique look, accented by the eerie red glow of the stones these structures are encrusted with. As described in the update:

The center of castanic life and culture is at once earthy and mysterious, with secrets seeming to wait around every corner, while the iron and the rose aptly symbolize the contradictions inherent in the castanic spirit.

You can learn more about Castanica by visiting the official website and reading the lore of the city.

Last week’s “Screenshots of the Week” installment revealed the Aman stronghold Kaiator, called the “Unbreakable Iron Jewel.” The website describes Kaiator as such:

This impregnable fortress, crucible of the aman race, has withstood thirty years of argon attacks and has never been breached. Titanic sculptures of the city’s patron goddess, Kaia, soar over the tops of the tallest structures beneath Kaiator’s great iron dome.

You can view the Kaiator screenshots, as well as the Castanica screenshots, in the gallery below the video.

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