Final Fantasy XIV Opening Cinematic and Game Details Revealed

Screenshot from the opening cinematic of Final Fantasy XIV (Square-Enix)

FFXIVCore is keeping track of all the pre-release Final Fantasy XIV coverage, posting the tremendous influx of information on their forums. With the release of Final Fantasy XIV so close (the PC version is slated for September 30th, or September 22nd if you get the collector’s edition), the flood of info is no real surprise, but it’s nice that the folks at FFXIVCore are sorting it all out. Details of the pre-release event, as well as an in-depth list of information about the game and a brand new trailer have been posted on the forums.

This massive list of information details everything players want to know about Final Fantasy XIV, from lore of the world and races of Eorzea, to details about its many landmarks, to the many, many nuances of gameplay, ranging from battle mechanics to Guildleves. Check out FFXIVCore’s expansive list in their forum post.

Alongside this information, a lengthy cinematic trailer for Final Fantasy XIV was also officially released. Spanning nearly eight minutes, the wonderful CGI video gives us the opening cinematic of the game, with fully voiced scenes and spectacular visuals. The Malboro battle is impressive enough, but the dragon assault really takes the cake. A shame the game doesn’t actually play like that, though.

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