Halo: Reach Auto-Mutes Annoying People

What is the worst part about online gaming?  Having to put up with all the fowl mouth dialogue flying at you during or after matches.  Maybe it is just that some people (especially kids) feel when they are not face to face with someone they can get away with saying ignorant things since there is a lack of accountability for poor online etiquette.  If that is the case, Bungie has finally taken a step to hold people to acting more civilized with their auto mute feature for Halo: Reach.

This feature  “notices, warns, and eventually defaults players to being muted when they enter games, if they are muted by enough people over a period of time”  according to Bungie’s Tyson Green.  So this means for those of us who are tempted to jump right into party chat and avoid those people, we should resist.  Stay in regular chat and help mute out those insufferable players.  After all… as per the Winter Contingency we need to be countering on all fronts!