Week in Arcade: Deathspank, Serious Sam, Blade Kitten, Alien Breed 2

Were it not for Blade Kitten, this crowded four-game week would look awfully familiar.

Blade Kitten

It’s likely impossible to make a character more floaty than this sort of creepy human/cat hybrid. She’s not spunky, she’s annoying too. She’s sluggish on her feet, skipping along with apparently cat-like reflexes, but it makes her seem like she’s jumping. The basic platform combat is a matter of running forward, an attempt to keep the pacing up, but this cat is far too boring to keep the excitement high.

Alien Breed 2: Assault

Developers do listen, taking this sequel where it’s never been before: in the light. The first game suffered from Doom 3 syndrome, so dark enemies voraciously assaulted the player before they even had a chance to see them. This one is brightened, and while the enemies are still a bit too plentiful, the combination of action, exploding environments, and loot hunting is enjoyable. Co-op makes it more so.

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam returns with that wonderfully enjoyable non-stop action… and nothing else. There’s nothing else that’s needed other than blowing things up or killing them, presenting that primal gaming urge to shoot everything that moves throughout it’s expansive levels. It’s old school, the ammo pick-ups and lack of reloading everything that made early FPS titles fun, and the HD make-over is still pleasing to the eyes.

Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue

Wait… wasn’t it a month ago the first game was out, and now we get a sequel? How does that work? Deathspank was supposed to be an episodic title, but apparently someone got the bright idea that people didn’t want that, and just decided to call this a sequel. There’s nothing really new here, just additional levels of laughs, but a sequel? Not by a long shot.