TERA Reveals the Cultist’s Refuge Dungeon

Cultist's refuge (TERA, En Masse)

The eighteenth installment of TERA‘s “Screenshots of the Week” compilation takes players to a new locale: the Atel Akkad headquarters, known as the Cultist’s Refuge. This particular area was featured in the press demo during PAX 2010, and TERA promises a video of said demo soon.

The Cultist’s Refuge is massive, ethereal Gothic-styled fortress dedicated to the resurrection of a demon god. Forbidden magics and accursed experiments were used here, and the occasional victim of the said experimentation now awaits paying adventurers to hire them as mercenaries, so that they may exact their revenge on their abusers and former masters.

In addition, those who haven’t seen the extended version of the GamesCom trailer that was recently released can watch it below. It isn’t much different than the original GamesCom version, but features an extra twenty seconds of incredible monster and dungeon designs at the end. Definitely worth checking out if you missed it.

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