Forsaken World’s Assassin class featured in PWE blog

Kindred race Assassin

Kindred race Assassin (Forsaken World, Perfect World Entertainment)

Ah, the assassin. One of the most beloved of the swift, lightly armored classes in MMORPGs, assassin’s range from bland and unimpressive to incredibly fun to play, and the stealth-heavy assassin class in Perfect World Entertainment’s upcoming title Forsaken World looks to be of the latter kind. Aside from the sexy screenshots of a Kindred race assassin (which you can see in our slideshow below), we’re given a taste of the abilities the assassin possesses.

Being the speedy, silent killers that they are, assassins in Forsaken World boast high agility in addition to lethal skills:

  • Swift Evasion – this ability briefly increases an assassin’s running speed.
  • Lighbending Reflexes – assassin’s utilizing the effects of Swift Evasion who evade five attacks quickly and successively will enter a stealth state will not dispel even when on the offensive.
  • Snakeskin – when an assassin is suffering from a movement slowing effect, a target can be slowed by the same amount. This skill also has a chance of removing the slow effect from the assassin.
  • Steel Splinters – a targeted enemy will take damage whenever they attack the assassin who utilizes this ability.

(Note that the skill names are not finalized, and may be changed in the future).

There are eight classes to choose from in Forsaken World (bard, mage, assassin, marksman, priest, protector, vampire, and warrior), but the assassin definitely looks formidable and fun to play. Assassin’s are exclusive to the Human and Kindred races.

Forsaken World is scheduled to enter closed beta next month (Wednesday, October 27th).

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