Fatal Fury 3 on Wii Virtual Console

A rare weekly release for the Virtual Console has arrived, this week a third sequel to to the Fatal Fury franchise, which continued to get better with each release, barring the 3D mess that was Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition.

Fatal Fury 3 took it’s name to heart, adding additional plane of play. Fatal Fury 2 (and Fatal Fury Special) had two planes to work with, allowing the player to break free of the side-to-side play and slide into the background to dodge attacks, or even initiate them. Fatal Fury 3 added another one in the front, needlessly complicating things, but standing out nonetheless.

Sprites were redrawn to better suit the evolving nature of 2D games as polygons became the norm. Colors were highly saturated, and shading was more intense to give the game a better sense of depth. Five new characters join the crew, including eventual King of Fighters staples Blue Mary and Yamazaki. It’s not the deepest fighter SNK ever produced, but it is a fun one.

Liberty Tax Service Releases Tax Season Numbers

Manufacturing Close-Up February 22, 2011 Liberty Tax Service reports a 14.2 percent increase in the total number of returns filed as of Feb. 15, and a 15.1 percent increase in revenues generated. this web site liberty tax service

Same store sales show a 7.4 percent increase and net fees are up .8 percent. Since it was founded in 1997, the Company reported that it has demonstrated explosive growth in an industry formerly dominated by tax giant H&R Block, and Jackson Hewitt. Liberty Tax now operates 3,800 offices in the U.S. and Canada.

“Despite bitter snowstorms, and the fact that some forms, such as the Schedule A to report itemized deductions, were not eligible to be filed prior to Feb. 14, the tax season is progressing at a great pace for Liberty,” said John Hewitt, CEO and founder of Liberty Tax.

“This has been a challenging beginning to the tax season, probably one of the most challenging in the 42 years I’ve been in the tax business. It’s been hard to predict what would happen,” said Hewitt. “We have a much clearer picture now.” Liberty Tax Service is a retail tax preparation company in the. this web site liberty tax service

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