Bungie Fixing Zealot Map Exploit in Playlist Update

Halo Reach’s Zealot is a favorite map in a game with startling few choices. However, players can teleport up into space… and sit there. Since getting up there to actually kill those camping players can be near impossible, it’s an issue. Tossing grenades up the teleporter only sends them flying off the map due to the lack of gravity and push from the tube itself. Jumping up only means being shot before you gain your bearings.

It’s a heavy advantage, and now that’s being addressed in a quick playlist update that should be live by the time you read this. Zealot will now be Arena Zealot, swapping initial player spawns (teams used to spawn directly across from each other) and adding a soft-kill zone in space.

Each playlist is being reworked, SWAT being removed for its own separate playlist, and snipers games are being reduced. Bungie’s weekly update has all of the expansive changes, plus a preview of what’s to come.