Donya’s Simplygon Technology to be Used in Blade & Soul

Female Blade Master (Blade & Soul, NCSoft)

A recent press release has revealed that the Korean MMO developer NCSoft has signed a deal with Donya Labs to use their Simplygon technology in upcoming titles, including Blade & Soul.

“There are many MMORPG projects in NCsoft. Managing and optimizing thousands to tens of thousands of polygons are most inefficient work in time and cost aspects,” said HyungJun Kim, Chief Art Director, NCsoft Korea. “Simplygon is the best solution to deal with this problem.”

Simplygon is an interesting technology: it is designed to optimize in-game models automatically by creating Levels of detail (LODs) through a variety of techniques. The press release uses a house as an example: a house is a structure that may be composed of hundreds of polygons and textures, but rendering a building at a distance in such detail is a waste of resources, as the details cannot be appreciated. Simplygon technology can automatically reduce the polygon mesh in objects, re-mesh and reduce objects, and much more.

Simplygon technology has been used by other developers in the past (developers like EA’s Criterion Games, BioWare, and Nexon). This considering the technologies powerful optimizing properties, the licensing of Simplygon to NCSoft suggests that Blade & Soul will be a very visually polished game. Of course, it was visually impressive and polished in 2008, but this technology frees the development team from having to design, re-model and optimize levels of detail in the game, giving them more time to work on other facets of the game.

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