Marketing Director Explains Medal of Honor Taliban Edit

In an interview with Joystiq, Danger Close marketing director Craig Owens sums up the entire fiasco on the Opposing Force/Taliban name chance in Medal of Honor far better than EA’s Jeff Brown:

“The objection was, kind of from an older generation that doesn’t understand games, that the soundbyte was ‘Play as the Taliban and kill US soldiers…”

Couldn’t have said it any better. This shows the age gap, but also an unwillingness to actually, you know, defend your product and explain it. It’s bowing to the lowest common denominator,  the one who doesn’t listen to common sense or logic. Keep the name, choose to be interviewed on news networks, respond to press inquiries, and *gasp* take a little heat from a segment of the community who would never buy your game in the first place. Besides, controversy sells.

Owens backs up that idea further with this statement, referring to the MOH beta earlier in the year:

“…about 500,000 people playing it, as the Taliban, killing US troops without a single complaint”

In other words, the target audience, the gamers, didn’t have an issue with virtual, fake terrorists being called the Taliban shooting at US soldiers, likely because they’ve played military shooters like Call of Duty where you do the same thing minus the name. The name changes nothing in the eyes of your consumers, only those resistant to change.