Awesome Monster Designs in TERA’s Latest Screenshots

Holy Ground Watchman. (TERA, En Masse)

TERA is a unique MMORPG in that it is heavily action-oriented; in many respects, the combat resembles a console action game rather than a massively multiplayer online game. But what also sets TERA apart from other titles in its genre is the art style it boasts, which is an attractive mix of colorful realism with a slightly exaggerated anime touch. The game’s enemy and character designs illustrate this best, and the twentieth and twenty-first set of TERA‘s “Screenshots of the Week” collection are prime examples of the style in play.

The twentieth edition of the screenshot collection introduces us to the “Vampirs.” While these feral, bloodthirsty fiends don’t need an introduction, the TERA website gives us some backstory nonetheless.

“Once peaceful residents of Popolion and environs, the vampirs have gone insane and resumed their former blood-sucking ways. No traveler is safe on the moonlit roads of Poporia Province from the sacred city of Pora Elinu to the Vale of the Fang. Is it magic or mutation that’s to blame?”

The twenty-first set of screenshots properly introduces us to the “Kumas” demons. Known as a type of air-demon, these festively plump monsters stumble about the land, attracted to remnant magical sites around the world. This type of monster was showcased in TERA‘s second official trailer, which you can see beneath the image gallery.

“Once allied with giants during their wars of conquest, today’s kumases are free agents and powerful mages. They are attracted to places where fragments of the gods remain, hoping to acquire as much raw power as their great bodies can hold.”

Only TERA can give you both stylish vampires in top-hats and fat super-demons with face-armor covering their groins. Check out the screenshot gallery below, and check back soon for another look at the world of TERA with the next screenshot set.

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