EverQuest Releases its Seventeenth Expansion, House of Thule

EverQuest House of Thule key artwork

EverQuest, the classic fantasy MMORPG that is well over a decade old, has released its 17th expansion, House of Thule. Much like EverQuest‘s previous expansion, EverQuest Underfoot, the House of Thule expansion includes all previous expansion packs making it a great purchase for those hoping to jump back into EverQuest after a long hiatus.

House of Thule is rich with new content, including 18 new raids, 13 new zones, 17 missions, and 120 new quests. The level cap has been raised from 85 to 90, over 450 new spells have been introduced, and player inventory has been increased.

The House of Thule expansion also introduces player housing to EverQuest, which allows players to not only own a home, but display collected items and purchase decorative items for their homes as well. A housing trophy system has been included alongside the housing system, giving players stat bonuses when trophies are displayed at home.

EverQuest House of Thule is available for digital download for $39.99, and includes all previous expansion packs, a Live Topiary Mount, a 16 slot item bag, 2 extra bag slots, and a House of Thule in-game painting. A collector’s edition is also available for download, retailing at $89.99. This version includes all of the previous items in addition to a Dead Topiary Mount, a 20 slot bag (instead of the 16 slot bag), a Gnoll pup leash, a Sword of Truth template, and a Discordant Contract mercenary.

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