EverQuest II Extended, Free Thirty-day Gold Membership Promo!

EverQuest II Extended

EverQuest II Extended has been officially released, and Sony Online Entertainment is celebrating with a promotion. SOE has given Multiplayer Games ten promotional codes worth 30 days of Gold membership to EverQuest Extended to give to our readers, so e-mail Matt {at} Multiplayergames.com to get in on the action.

EverQuest II Extended is a newly modeled subscription service that compliments the standard monthly subscription. It allows players to enjoy the world of EverQuest II through tiered membership plans. Bronze membership is free, and gives you basic access to the game world, limiting your character slots, mail system, and race and class selection among other things.

Silver gives you a bit more: an additional character slot, higher spell tiers, 3 bag slots, a higher coin limitation, and more. Silver membership requires a very inexpensive one-time 1000 station cash ($10) purchase.

Gold membership, the tier of our promo codes, is the real meat and potatoes of EverQuest II. With full access to all 24 character classes, seven character slots, full access to all equipment grades, six bag slots, no coin limitation, send and receive in-game mail service, eight bank slots, unlimited broker system access and more, the Gold membership requires a $14.99 per month fee. Of course, you can get in for one month for free if you score the code.

Email Matt {at} MultiplayerGames.com for the codes. Remember, we only have ten of them, so contact us as soon as possible!

To learn more about EverQuest II Extended, check out their in-depth FAQ section. To sign up, players can visit the official EverQuest II Extended website.

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