Blizzard Sues Starcraft II Cheat Creators

Last week, news came in that Blizzard was taking it to cheaters in Starcraft II. Those looking to get ahead could download a hack and gain an advantage in single player. However, those same hacks could be applied to multiplayer. So, regardless of whether or not someone actually used the cheat online, they were banned or suspended.

Debatable as that may be, Blizzard is done playing nice and is now going after the owners of, a trio of hackers (and 10 others unnamed) via legal action who were selling the programs used to get ahead. Blizzard claims they made contact with Michael VanKuipers, Michael Simpson, and John Roe before filing the suit, but they were ignored, taking their case to the next level.

Blizzard’s Terms of Use which is of course part of each copy states explicitly that, ““expressly prohibits the player from hacking or modifying the game, including to use hacks or cheats to alter the multiplayer experience.” That seems to settle the case.

Keep in mind, if you do need some help in single player, there are a number of assists available, a list of non-hacked Starcraft II cheats are readily available at GameFaqs.