TERA Reveals Crystal Augment Details

High Elf female (TERA, En Masse)

Much of the hype of Blue Hole Studio’s upcoming MMORPG TERA stems from the game’s action-oriented and manual-targeting system, which gives players a degree of control over their avatar that few other titles offer. In truth, TERA more closely resembles a console action game in this respect. However, in a massively multiplayer environment, variety is the spice of life, and having eight different playable classes may not be enough to create significant variety between players. Thus, publisher En Masse Entertainment has released details on the crystal enhancement system, which opens up a new world of variety and customization to players.

The official post on the TERA website goes into detail about exactly how Crystals work, but the gist of it is fairly simple to grasp:

  • Players can socket crystals into both weapons and armor. Red crystals are offensive and are attached to weapons, while blue crystals provide support and are socketed to armor.
  • Crystals run the gamut from common to rare, and the effects of rarer crystals are much stronger than the easy-to-find varieties. These effects are very diverse, and many only come into play under specific conditions. Some of the more basic effects simply boost HP or Mana, whereas others will only activate when the player is knocked down, attacking from behind, or facing specific monsters. This encourages players to experiment with the system to find the most effective build for their characters.
  • The maximum limit is four crystals per item, which makes eight the magic number of crystals players can equip at a time. Of course, the rarity of the equipment and its level also dictates how many crystals it can hold, so depending on your build you may not be able to equip all eight.
  • Crystals have a chance of breaking if the player is killed, or if they are removed from equipment once it’s been socketed. The percentage at which this happens is not clear. However, the official post considers Crystals consumable items, suggesting that they are somewhat common.

Check out the official Crystal Enhancement post on TERA‘s website for an in-depth look and examples of the system.

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Let’s hear it for New York; Emma Johnson shops all day and parties all night in the city that doesn’t sleep Sex is still big in this city.(Features)

Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England) August 23, 2011 Byline: Emma Johnson IHAVE seen a lot of unusual things in public toilets, some unrepeatable, but I never expected the Empire State Building to be one of them. Yet there I was with just a sheet of – hopefully one-way – glass between me and one of New York’s most famous landmarks.

The toilet offering this magnificent vista was the bathroom at Le Bain, the rooftop bar/lounge on the 18th floor of the city’s swanky Standard Hotel.

We had been lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive Nouveau York party, a rare honour given that you all but need a letter from God to get into this place. website beauty and essex nyc

If you are on speaking terms with him upstairs though you are in for a treat because not only does Le Bain have the best toilets I have ever seen but a diamond-shaped hot tub in the middle of the bar area (the “bath” of the title and, no, I didn’t jump in).

The actual rooftop, where astro-turf and sun loungers await, was not yet open for summer when we visited but we still got to take in the bar’s famous panoramic views – the Big Apple on one side and New Jersey on the other – from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

And New York is all about the views isn’t it? They were certainly the selling point at our hotel – Hotel on Rivington on New York’s so-hip-it-hurts Lower East Side.

Opened in 2005 the hotel has been key in the gentrification of the once run-down area and is a firm hotspot with the cool crowd.

With its 21-storey modern glass tower shooting up amongst the 19th-century tenements that give the Lower East Side its distinctive look, it is certainly hard to miss (which was handy when we wandered off without a map), and each of the rooms has floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking, unobstructed views for miles.

They even extend to the bathrooms where the enormous walk-in double showers/wet rooms come complete with full-length windows and strategically place frosted glass.

In our suite the curtains pulled back on cue with the alarm clock each morning to reveal the stunning city in all its glory and, lying on the Tempur-Pedic mattress with the Empire State, the Chrysler Building and scores of skyscrapers laid out before us, it felt like we weren’t so much looking at the skyline…as part of it. go to web site beauty and essex nyc

But you can’t go to the city that doesn’t sleep and spend the whole time in bed can you? Having visited all the tourist hotspots on a trip to New York several years ago, this Big Apple break was less about sightseeing and more about shopping and clubbing – my two favourite past-times.

With just four nights in the city we hit the ground running, defying the jet lag to sample one of the Lower East Side’s hottest new spots, Beauty and Essex, on our first night.

Don’t worry The Only Way is Essex has not taken over Stateside, the place is named after its address on Essex Street.

You enter what looks like an old fashioned pawn shop complete with drawers full of jewellery only to step through a door into a fabulous restaurant and lounge packed with well-heeled diners.

It’s a bit like Narnia for grown-ups and popular with celebrities including actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

But Beauty and Essex was only the beginning of our New York nightlife marathon.

In addition to the party at Le Bain we also managed to squeeze in visits to both the Cielo and Pacha nightclubs.

Given that we were on a clubbing odyssey we could not leave New York without a trip to the most famous NYC club of all – Studio 54. Sadly there is no chance of dancing there these days, it has long since ceased to be the den of disco and debauchery where Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol danced the nights away. Now it is home to the Roundabout Theatre Company but the famous Studio 54 logo remains etched onto the glass of the doors and fans regularly make the pilgrimage to have their photos taken there. Our request for a peep inside its hallowed walls was politely declined but clearly not the first of the day. Somehow, between our after-dark jaunts we also found time for that shopping. I picked up a bargain Marc Jacobs bag at the discount megastore Century 21 and spent more than I should have in the designer boutiques around Prince Street on the Lower East Side. Speaking of over-spenders, Carrie Bradshaw obsessive that I am, I couldn’t go to New York without taking a Sex and the City tour and eight years after the series ended Sex is still big business in this city. Our tour took in dozens of the locations used for filming including the Magnolia bakery – where we all got a cupcake – and Buddakan the restaurant where Big and Carrie held their rehearsal dinner before that ill-fated wedding. We had a fab dinner there later that evening although I booked the table without knowing the SATC connection – I promise! But yes, I confess, like Carrie I did get my husband to give me a kiss at the bar…I couldn’t resist.


EMPIRE STATE OF MIND: The Empire State Building FAMOUS SKYLINE: The view across New York from a bedroom at the Hotel on Rivington