Blade & Soul Playable Demo Confirmed for G-Star 2010

Female Jin (Blade & Soul, NCsoft)

Back in August, NCsoft hinted at plans to do more than present a trailer of Blade & Soul at this year’s G-Star game event. Thanks to translator Elimer from fansite Blade & Soul Dojo, we now have confirmation from producer Jae Hyun Bae via Twitter that Team Bloodlust (the development team behind Blade & Soul) will indeed be preparing a playable demo for G-Star 2010.

This means that G-Star (November 18-21) will be the very first time the public will see the game in its true, playable form. Considering how little we know about the game aside from its incredible aesthetic and action-oriented gameplay, this is very exciting news.

As Jae Hyun Bae tweeted the news, he also took several screenshots of Blade & Soul and posted them on Twitter. He reveals a Jin Blade Master in a skimpy outfit and a hulking Gon Kung-Fu Master sporting a stylish hair-do.

Blade & Soul Art Director Hyung Tae Kim responded to Bae’s tweets by posting screenshots of his own, revealing a blonde Jin female in a red outfit. A slightly older tweet of his reveals a beautiful oriental environment, partially obscured by his stylish South Korean energy drink.

The images are camera-phone quality, but they are serviceable nonetheless. Check them out in the gallery below.

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