Gloating Warcraft III Winner Beaten at School

In a particularly rough, close game, that gloating jerk on the other end of the mic seems destined to be beaten down by karma, but karma usually isn’t this physical.

A story out of Vancouver tells the tale of a high schooler who apparently pushed his opponents one step too far, and his opponents knew exactly who he was. Rule #1 of being an online troll? Maintain anonymity.

Since he didn’t, he was humiliated, forced to kiss the feet of the losing squad. Had it ended there, it would have been true karma, but instead, the kid was beaten with batons, his fingers breaking in the process. No more Warcraft III for a while, and definitely a lesson learned.

The losing squad has not been apprehended yet, while Vancouver police Const. Lindsey Houghton says it best: “I guess some people take these things exceptionally seriously.” Yes Lindsey, yes they do.


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