Sony Ships One Million Move Controllers in First Month

Sound great, doesn’t it? A whole one million units of a fancy motion control for the PlayStation 3 have been pushed into American stores in the first month, 500,000 less than those in Europe.

What these numbers fail to specify is how many are in individual homes. If someone buys two Move wands, that’s only one household equipped to play Move games. The assumption is you need at least two for maximum enjoyment, so splitting that million number down the middle, adding say 150,000 to compensate for those true single sales, that’s 650,000 homes equipped with the motion controller, and that’s not even considering those still sitting on store shelves. As a developer, are you looking forward to developing a controller for only 650,000 homes, not all of which would buy your game in the first place? Doubt it.

Move has a long way to go before it attracts any real attention, and Kinect has an even bigger mountain to climb, ridiculously overpriced marketing campaign or not.