TERA Unveils New Website, World Lore and Screenshots

Lupine Savage (TERA, En Masse Entertainment)

En Masse Entertainment has remodeled it’s official TERA website, re-organizing its media and forums as well as introducing several new features. Among these additions is an expansion of TERA‘s lore section, which now includes information on the Amani stronghold, Kaiator. The latest screenshots of the week have also been revealed.

The most striking new addition to the website is its blog, where En Masse staff (developers, writers, producers and the like) share their knowledge of the game as well as their own experiences and thoughts. At the moment, the blog features a recap of the TERA community event at Penny Arcade Expo 2010, and a day in the life of senior producer Brian Knox, who describes his most recent experience working with developer Blue Hole Studios in South Korea.

The newly added lore on the TERA website gives us a look at the tragic, yet eerie beauty of the Kaiator citadel and the race of people who inhabit it, the playable Amani race. Historically, the Amani were cursed by the gods and eventually imprisoned and enslaved by the Giants, who employed them in everything from construction to war. Only the goddess Kaia took pity on them and through her intervention the Amani broke the shackles of slavery and drove away the Giants. The Amani raised a new city in place of the old in honor of their savior. There is much more to the lore of the Amani and Kaiator, so be sure to visit the official website to learn more on the Iron Bastion of the North.

Finally, the latest screenshots of the week have been revealed with the website update, showcasing the traitorous tranquility of the Freeholds region. The newest screenshots give us a scenic view of a Valkyon Federation outpost, and a gruesome hound-like beast called the Lupine Savage. Last week’s screenshots also centered on the Freeholds, illustrating the farmlands of the region and its outcast and dangerous farming inhabitants, the society known as the Free Brotherhood. View the screenshots in our gallery below.

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