Heroes of Three Kingdoms Reveals New Content, Playable Race

Miao female, Heroes of Three Kingdoms (Perfect World Entertainment)

Perfect World Entertainment‘s Heroes of Three Kingdoms will see a content update, which includes the newly introduced Miao race, new weapons, skills, zones and more. This update is scheduled to go live on October 27th. PWE has released a trailer and screenshots to showcase the many changes, which you can view below.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms is a new free-to-play MMORPG, based on the popularized Three Kingdoms Era of ancient China. While this fact alone is an obvious draw, the title also boasts great visuals and content, made even more appealing by the major and minor updates the game will get in a few days time.

The more significant updates to Heroes of Three Kingdoms include:

  • The playable Miao race, who start off in the new Chuannan lands. At level 16 they can venture out of the region and into Xiliang.
  • The addition of the cleaver, hammer, multiblade, and ringblade weapons, which can be selected by any new character or any existing character who resets their class.
  • The inclusion of new currency, called Funds. This form of money is awarded through certain quests and through a player’s daily rank salary. This currency is deducted first when players perform actions like repairing gear, learning skills, or buying items. Not all NPC accept it, however and Funds can’t be used for player-to-player transactions.

There are several other major additions to the game and many minor updates as well, so be sure to visit the Heroes of Three Kingdoms website for all the details on the content update.

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