TERA Unveils The Celestial Hills and Pora Elinu Video Fly-throughs

Pora Elinu (TERA, En Masse)

En Masse Entertainment has revealed new fly-through videos of two scenic regions within the beautiful action-MMORPG TERA: The Celestial Hills and Pora Elinu. These fly-throughs illustrate how varied the environments within the game can be, as you can see from the watching the videos and image gallery below.

The Celestial Hills are a rolling gold and rust colored region, dotted with massive, floating stone monoliths and ruined structures. Aside from the obvious mystery and ambiance these features evoke, they also hold great historic value as they have existed since before the Divine War, when their true purpose was lost. While the area is beautifully autumnal, dangerous orcan and crazed cultists haunt the many ruins in the region, making it perilous for travelers.

Pora Elinu, named after the Popori’s creator goddess Elinu, is a dark and lush place, as befits a race of corporeal nature spirits. The region is perpetually dark, which came as a result of the death of Elinu long ago, but bright orbs and glowing plant life litter and illuminate the lands. Unfortunately, the region is not without dangers, as cultists and feral tribes attack travelers, and blood-thirsty vampires assail those who wander.


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