Week in Arcade: MiniGolf 2, Pinball FX 2

A dual week, this time for only $10, even though one of them is free.

3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2

The original MiniGolf Adventures was a really early effort for XBLA, but a fun one. This sequel ratchets up the kooky course design, and renders much of the experience unplayable and frustrating. The touchy power meter is only the start, the bends and folds of the courses so intricate as to be mind-numbing. Add in the usual variety of obstacles, from killer knights to breathing snowman, and everything is against you. Online play and customization (course editor included) are fun, but not if you’re stuck on these courses.

Pinball FX 2

This is not so much a game as it is a free platform to sell DLC. You can import any DLC tables from the original game, although the way this DLC is set up is impossibly confusing. Between the packs, individual releases, freebies, and non-freebies, it’s hard to even tell what you’re downloading. Once you get going though, you’ll still get physics on the old tables, and shinier new ball. In all, you’re looking at 33 achievements, all of them table-specific, so it’ll cost quite a bit to get them all. Still, it does make you go back and replay those original tables for more points, so extra value for the win. Oh, and they kept the Vision Camera support, because yes, some of us do still have one.